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Making Global Sense

Grounded hope for democracy and the earth
inspired by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

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COVR Visionary
Book Awards

– 2024 –
1. Earth Changes,

2. Social Justice,
3. Rising to the Challenge
Book Award
– 2023 –
Eric Hoffer
Book Award
– 2023 –
Dayton Literary
Peace Prize
– 2023 –

the book

The cause of global awakening is the cause of all humankind.

Weaving essay and memoir, Making Global Sense revives ideas and ideals from Thomas Paine and the 18th century Enlightenment to champion our 21st century enlightenment.

N THESE TRYING TIMES of scary climate change when autocracy threatens democracy, Making Global Sense offers realistic hope that we can outgrow our ancient need for kings and learn to live mindfully together in liberty by being aware of our global unity.

Judah Freed updates and extends Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Where Paine in 1776 challenged monarchy and hereditary succession, instead proposing the first modern republic, Freed challenges ancient alpha male rule and authority addiction (hidden by split perceptions), instead proposing mindful self rule, personal democracy and direct republics. Where Paine inspired revolution, Freed inspires evolution.

To survive the urgent world crises humanity has created, do we look for a king, or do we look to ourselves? By evolving a global sense of life, by changing how we make sense of the world, we find within the hope that inspires the courage we need to build our world anew.

(2024 edition updated for the 2024 U.S. Elections along with the Ukraine and Gaza/Israel wars.)

Why fear tomorrow when we can create today as we will?

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A Book of ‘Big Ideas’

Making Global Sense invites awakening to awareness of our oneness.
The book voices ideas that evolve how we make sense of our lives and
our societies. A global sense of life favors freedom and democracy.

Alpha Male Rule

The ancient patriarchal system of power and wealth, inherited by fathers and sons, today drives injustice and climate change.

Authority Addiction

Our ancient habits of autocracy drive unhealthy relationships with external power, so we crave to worship kings, or be the king.


Split Perceptions

We divide our minds with duality thinking, denying our oneness, so we feel alone and powerless, so. our minds are easily fooled.

Self Rule

A global sensibility balances free will and self rule. When personal responsibility governs Individual sovereignty, our conscience and reason inspire creative freedom.


A global sense of life guides us to behave mindfully in relationships and in society, local to global, so we’ adopt democratic habits that enter our memes and genes.


We the people have a natural right of consent over the laws governing us. Paine’s plan for establishing a republic shapes a proposal for giving us more say.


Global Sense

More than one billion global thinkers, such as conscious consumers and Earth Day celebrants, are transforming societies around the world..

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Table of Contents

Making Global Sense updates Common Sense
and mirrors Thomas Paine’s four-part structure.

Part I.
Our Global

1. World Enlightenment
2. Shadow Forces
3. Common Global Sense
4. A Global Sense
5. Sense and Insanity
6. Split Perceptions
7. Absurdities and Atrocities .

Part II.
Kings and
Other Masters

8. Alpha Male Rule
9. Authority Addiction
10. Money and Power


Part III.
Thoughts on the State of World Affairs

11. Hazards of Autocracy
12. Clear and Present Dangers
13. Finding our Courage

Part IV.
Our Ability to
Change the World

14. Personal and Social Transformation
15. Gender Equality
and New Men
16. A Rebirth of Democracy
(Direct Republics)
17. Begin the World Anew

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Overview of Making Global Sense

Global Sense emulates the structure and logic of Common Sense.

Part I. Our Global Awakening
Where Paine explained the nature of government and the law, I explain our lives our governed by how we make sense of life. A billion of us see our oneness, I report, and we’re building a global sense movement.

Part II. Kings and Other Masters
Where Paine blamed monarchy and hereditary succession for tyranny, I name ancient alpha male rule and authority addiction for the wealth and power abuses now menacing life and liberty on earth.

Part III. Thoughts on the State of World Affairs
Where Paine surveyed the scary state of American affairs, I survey the scary state of world affairs, the threats to democracy and the planet, the realistic dangers of tyranny in our lands and in our minds.

Part IV. Our Ability to Change the World
Where Paine told colonists how to win a revolutionary war and wrote the plan used to create the republic, I adapt his plan for evolving enlightened direct republics, so we build our world anew, while we can.


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Why Thomas Paine

The 18th century Enlightenment offers insights
for our global crises in the 21st century

Thomas Paine (1737-1809)
Author of Common Sense, Rights of Man, The Age of Reason, and more.

Changing what makes sense

The way we make sense of life on earth shapes our daily reality. Changing how we make sense of life changes our lives and changes our world.

Shifting how we make sense of life, shifting our mental sense-making models, changes our choices and our societies. We can choose to adopt a preset awareness of our universal oneness and natural unity. Reasoning can start from the premise that everything is part of everything else. We can choose to accept evidence that all existence is light, so we each are light being us, in all o““f our forms. We each are unique while one with all, innately equal and naturally free. We honor everyone’s natural’ rights.

We live in rare pivotal age. Globalization and climate upheavals are disrupting our civilizations worldwide. Massive waves of change are hitting humanity as hard as when we shifted from agrarian to industrial societies. Life on earth will never be the same.

Future shock stuns many of us. Life changes faster than we can cope. We feel confused, unsafe and victimized. Hate mongers prey upon our fear and anger, turn our grievances against us. We give away our right of consent and dissent to lying leaders promising to save us from ourselves. This way lays tyranny.

Imagine humanity making global sense of life on earth. Acommon awareness of our planetary oneness, unity, interdependence, connectivity, coherence (said in any ling0) leads us to balance freedom and responsibility, so we enjoy liberty and safety. Mindful self rule guided by global sense sustains freedom and democracy.

When alertness to our inborn unity in diversity goes from slogan to reality, the shift in mindset changes the way we make sense of life on earth, which changes our choices. Shifting our worldview to a global sensibility makes freedom and deeper democracy doable.

In scary times that test one’s faith and will to carry on, culminating decades of work, I wrote a book to offer reasonable grounds for feeling hope we can create a better future. More hope encourages more of us to unite and take action for the climate and democracy, while we can. I’m doing my part to help build the critical mass for a quantum leap of humanity into world enlightenment.

Making Global Sense may help shift how we make since of life on earth. Paine speaks for me in his introduction to Common Sense:

Thomas Paine makes sense today

As we face massive climate change, humanity is at a global tipping point between autocracy or democracy. The ideas inCommon Sense offer grounded hope for our urgent evolution in these modern times that try our souls.

Thomas Paine’s pivotal 1776 essay, Common Sense, swung public opinion in favor of the the American Revolution, which likely would have failed without his writings. He used logic and reason to argue for freedom from kings in favor of a democratic republic.

In our troubled century, as climate change persists and tyrants insist, we again need an inspirational call for liberation from king and and all wannabe despots. We need sound reasons for evolving the maturity for responsible self-government, both in society and within ourselves. We need mindful self rule.

By applying insights from Thomas Paine and the 18th century Enlightenment to our modern world crises, Making Global Sense encourages our 21st century enlightenment. Awakening to awareness of our universal oneness can and does uplift what we think, say and do in our lives, families, jobs, communities, nations, and world.

Common Sense shifted the course of human events. The right book at the right time. the pamphlet voiced in plain terms the big ideas of The Enlightenment, a philosophical and political movement in Europe and America. Rejecting centuries of absolute despotism, Enlightenment writers like Locke and Rousseau and Paine mapped out the rational basis f0r freedom and democracy. Their views on natural rights and natural law inspired the American Revolution, French Revelation and most revolutions ever since around the world.

Common Sense was crucial in changing how we make sense of governing ourselves. Monarchy gave way to democracy. Centuries later, hard-won democracies are backsliding into autocracies. Since our ancient addiction to tyranny is cunning and powerful, how do we turn around popular opinion toward freedom?

For healing our planet and maturing into sensible liberty, we need hope, rooted in reason, giving us courage and faith for the inner and outer work of personal and global transformation. Unfounded hope is helpless. Seeing our global oneness and reach gives us the power we need, alone and together, to change our own lives while we change life on our planet.

More than one billion global thinkers live on earth, the book documents. As climate reality bites in the years ahead, it makes global sense for people with global minds to get better organized for creating a future that works. What happens next is up to us.

Why My Story

A book of ideas needs to balance head and heart. Framing my ideas within my life story, writing in present tense to stay real with you, I’m telling the tale behind the book, the forces within me and the world shaping my ideas. You may identify with my lessons and discover more about yourself.

My model for interweaving essay and narrative is Zen and the Art of Motor­cycle Maintenance by Robert M. Persig. His adept union of theory and memoir helped me rediscover my true self when I felt the most lost after fleeing a cult as a youth. And as a writer, I like what he did there. I’m emulating his approach and hoping you benefit by the blending.


Book | Ideas | Contents | Overview | Making Sense | Thomas Paine | Judah Freed | Read Book

Judah making global sense

Book | Ideas | Contents | Overview | Making Sense | Thomas Paine | Judah Freed | Read Book

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Making Global Sense

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